Established in 2021,
L & S International Solutions Ltd.

is the first one-stop cross-border financial technology service institution based in Hong Kong.



One-stop cross-border electronic signature fintech service platform

Established in 2021, L & S Internation Solutions Limited (hereinafter referred to as "L & S") is the first one-stop cross-border financial technology service institution based in Hong Kong. Leveraging the cross-border policies and experience as international finance-technology hub, L & S can propel and set to connect Greater Bay Area with the world. L & S, is a cooperative unit of China UnionPay, China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) and China Payment & Clearing Network Co., Ltd.,(CPCN), and is applying the Money Service Operator (MSO) license granted by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department to operate a money service and to provide a series of financial technology services including electronic signing and cross-border payment.

Focusing on the innovation of payment technology, L & S has formed a diversified new Internet payment system, with legal settlement channels covering mainland and Hong Kong, a complete supply chain financial system and a mature financial information service network. The company's business covers currency exchange, Internet payment, RMB cross-border settlement, exchange rate scheme, convenient payment, merchant member contract system services, and provides solutions for different industries, including cross-border e-commerce, overseas trade, cross-border payment, supply chain finance and other industries, to empower the industrial users by combining its own financial platform advantages with digital identity authentication technology based on a unique perspective.

The company fully integrates the unique advantages of Hong Kong as an international financial centre to provide customers with more diversified financial products, fully new and convenient user experience, rich and flexible transaction modes as well as efficient and safe professional services. The company has collaborated with commercial alliances that are experienced in building cross border trusted digital identity platform as well as fintech pioneers which have been unanimously recognized by the government, business partners and customers, to accumulate a wide range of customer resources and advanced technology for L & S to have a strong foundation in serving local, Greater Bay Area, China and worldwide customers.. The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CPCN, a subsidiary of the People's Bank of China for performing cross border financial services, and also an overseas CPCN strategic partner for a series of financial related products.

Company Vision

Connect to China, to the World from Hong Kong – Grow into a leading financial-supply chain service provider.

Company Mission

L & S positions itself to become a leading financial-supply chain service provider that based in Hong Kong, and obligated to help strengthening the role of Hong Kong as the international financial technology centre by bridging the financial ecosystem of Hong Kong, China and the world.

L & S is committed to using advanced technological invention and innovative thinking, with expertise in the field of financial-supply chain, to build a safe and stable financial infrastructure for providing efficient, safe and smart financial cross-border transaction services in public interest. At the same time, L & S is dedicated to providing more efficient, intelligent products and services, and strive to become a leading cross-border payment service provider in Hong Kong.

Products & Services

Payment trading platform

We have launched an industry-leading payment trading platform to provide safe and fast payment and settlement services for e-commerce websites, online payment companies, financial service companies and consumers

Cross-border payment

We provide integrated payment solutions to provide users with a safe, fast and efficient cross-border payment environment.

Financial supply chain

We provide supply chain financial services, integrate customers' currency exchange needs through the internet currency exchange platform, and develop corresponding products and services around customers' common needs.

Exchange services

Exchange services that only large enterprises could enjoy bringing profitable.

SME Solutions

Comprehensive value-added services to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.

Privacy and confidentiality

We never disclose your private information.